At Least We Have Wine

Oven ready deal. Wash your hands. Corona. Lockdown. Furlough. Clap for carers.  Sourdough starter. Bio-secure bubbles. Coronavirus. Black lives matter. Covid-19. Nightingale hospitals. Colston. The Rule of 6.  Tiers.  Zoom. Lockdown 2.0.  Masks.  2-metre rule.  Quarantine.  Brexit.  Lorry park in Kent. No more toxic Orange!  Pennsylvania.  Kamala Harris.  Self-isolation. Box sets.  Box wine.  BIB wine.  Lockdown wine. Background crowd noise.  Scotch eggs.  Outdoor dining.  Substantial meal.  Support bubble.  Door Matt.  Take back control.  Take the knee.   Wild Swimming.  Shop small. And on and on (and on!!)……..take your seat at the table, 2021 is very nearly here.  Hurray!

We think our Wine Car Boot – Full Case has all bases covered for Christmas 2020.

It features Bag in Box (BIBs), pouches (Bagnums) and cans:Quello – for fizzy moments and cocktails ( 4 x 200ml cans)

– Du Grappin Macon Villages – fish pie, Christmas Eve (1.5 litre Bagnum)

– BoJo NuVo 2020 – for breakfast, something to celebrate this year (3 litre BIB)

– VinNaturo Orange – with olives, cheese, dancing over spices – no added sulphites (1.5 litre pouch)

– Merlot, Tomisa – organic full bodied red, for the fireside, Cheddar and an afternoon nap (3 litre BIB)

There is likely to be an abundance of outdoor drinking this season.  Stay on trend and get your mulled wine game on.  Our Mulled Over pack is a great stocking filler o / cupboard essential in 2020.

Whole spices: cloves, cinnamon, star anise, all spice and nutmeg. Our Mulled Over pouches contain 5 muslin bags each perfect for a litre or two of red (or white or cider if that’s your thing).  For red go for something with some robust fruit, but not overly tannic or oaked, we’ve found a Grenache base works well.  Add fresh orange juice and sugar to your taste.

THANK YOU for every single one of your orders, all very much appreciated.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS and ALL the very best for 2021!!

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