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Nothing for months, then all of a sudden light at the end of the tunnel and more than just the one bus. More Wine is delighted to be listing P-U-R Beaujolais Nouveau 2020, something else to celebrate in November 2020.  The vines P-U-R use are up to 80 years old and situated on a flint bedrock, totally atypical for the region.  The vineyards are in Denicé, just to the south of the Beaujolais Villages appellation boundary.  The crunchy style will undoubtedly be drinking beautifully on release and likely even better by the Spring 2021.  Harvest started super early this year on the 26th August.  The wine has no trace of  added sulphites.  Production-Unique-Rebelle – a state of mind, vinifying natural wines with a minimum of intervention and keeping them true to their place of origin.

Fête de Beaujolais, the celebration of the very first wines of the year’s harvest, held on the third Thursday of November, so 19.11.20.  100% Gamay, fresh, easy, juicy, joyful.  Grab some saucisson sec, terrine, white rind cheeses, a simple supper and perhaps finally a toast to 2020.

Available for pre-order now or as part of our latest Wine Car Boot mixed cases.

Now the kids are finally down from their Halloween sugar high, time to think of seasonal gifts. More Wine is a BIB (bag in box), Pouch and Can wine specialist.  Our mixed cases are great as gifts particularly if you are looking to convert those who swear by the glass bottle.  Ditch the red trousers and ramp up your sustainable & natural wine game with one of these.

A PAIR of SCHOFES – 6 x 750ml pack, contained in 2 x 2.25litre BIBs , for lovers of…erm….This Morning and good wine.

BIODYNAMIC DUO – championing biodiversity; organic certified for other 20 years; a lively pair of Portuguese natural, low sulphite wines from Quinta do Montalto

WINE CAR BOOT – in conjunction with the best ‘virtual’ market in town, ALL bases covered, Bagnums, pouches, BoJo, a nutty Orange, BIBs, plus cans of Quello for fizzy moments and cocktails.

Chez More Wine we love a mulled session. Treat yourself to the real deal.  Fill the house with a delightful waft of whole spices – cloves, cinnamon, star anise, all spice and nutmeg.  Hopefully things will be a little looser in December, if not you can always leave a flask out to share with your neighbours.  Each of our Mulled Over pouches contains 5 sachets of whole spices, each of which will work for a litre to two litres of red (or white or cider if that’s your thing).  For red go for something with some robust fruit, but not overly tannic or oaked, we’ve found a Grenache base works well, such as the Cote du Rhone Rouge from Cellier des Chartreux.

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