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About More Wine

More Wine was created by Rich Hamblin, a Vintners Cup winning wine buyer and sommelier. Rich’s real passion is the supply of low intervention, high quality wine from small vineyards with an unerring focus on sustainability, eco-friendly packaging and transport logistics. If you’re not looking to age the wine you don’t need to import the glass bottle! More Wine sells wine in eco-friendly formats, we stock a range of Bag in Box sizes, wines in pouches and the only can of wine in the UK, Quello!

Why buy wine from us?

More Wine is perfect for drinking at home, for events, for parties, for picnics, for festivals and for generally being outdoors. More Wine massively decreases the need for recycling by preventing the import of 1000s of unnecessary glass bottles each and every month.  All of our delicious wine is low-intervention; most is additionally certified organic, biodynamic or considered to be natural.