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About More Wine

More Wine was created in 2015 by Rich Hamblin, a Vintners Cup winning wine buyer.

More Wine is a specialist importer, wholesaler and retailer of ALT FORMAT wines; stocking natural + sustainable wines in a range of bag in box (BIB) sizes, pouches and cans.

Our entire still wine range is only available in alternative format, i.e. NOT in heavy glass bottles.

More Wine represents small start up brands in can + pouch and acts as an agent for a number of European co-operatives who are specialist Bag in Box producers.  If the wine is in Alt-Format (and we want to drink it!), then More Wine can help.

More Wine offers a one stop shop for bars, restaurants, event venues, taprooms, party organisers and more looking for a sustainable wine offering.

If you’re not looking to age the wine you don’t need to import the glass bottle!

More Wine additionally sells a small range of Natural English wines in regular glass bottles.

More Wine has supplied wine to AVANTI trains; Eat Drink Sleep Ltd, including The Gurnard’s Head | Homepage (gurnardshead.co.uk); Shindig festival; Left Handed Giant Brewpub | Finzel’s Reach Bristol (lhgbrewpub.com); Homepage – Nottingham Playhouse + many many more including the very fabulous Bistro Lotte Restaurant & Luxury Hotel Accommodation in Frome (bistrolottefrome.co.uk) where the use of our range of bag in box wines saves the 80 cover restaurant in excess of 2 tonnes of glass waste per year.

More Wine has showcased wines from Candour Wine Shop, Nania’s Vineyard, Canned Wine Co. When In Rome Wines – When in Rome Wine; Vignerons Ardéchois UVICA – Groupement de vignerons des côteaux de l’Ardèche méridionale (vignerons-ardechois.com); Cellier des Chartreux – Pujaut and proudly Bagnums – Le Grappin + many many more……


Glass is great, readily recyclable and admittedly the perfect vessel for ageing wine.  However, there are a number of downsides: heavy for transport; high energy levels to form; high energy levels to recycle; inflexible and fragile.  A standard 750ml serve simply no longer suits all or every occasion.

According to The World of Wine Report | money.co.uk 1.77 billion 75cl serves of wine were consumed in the UK in 2020, the vast majority of which were consumed from glass bottles.

UK statistics on waste – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) states a recycling rate of 73.6% for glass in 2021, potentially meaning several million glass bottles end up in landfill in the UK each and every year.

All of our bag in box and pouch packaging arrives flat packed to the various wineries More Wine imports from.  The weight of our import is reduced by over 25% by not using glass, plus there is a further 25% efficiency in pallet stacking by taking away fragile glass.  These factors reduce are carbon footprint by around 80% compared to the same journey for the wine in glass bottle compared to BIB or pouch.

The Norwegian and Swedish governments commissioned a report into the most efficient way to transport wine, BIB wine won with the ‘potential environmental impact CO2 equivalent per litre’  as follows BIB 75g, Pouch 96g, Traditional glass bottle 675g or nearly 10 times as much!!

Beverage packing material has a significant climate impact | Alko

Smurfitt Kappa the market leader in this area outlines the advantage of having packaging arriving flat packed to the winery.

Empty packaging is delivered flat using very little space and, after filling, is easy to palletise. This leads to substantial savings in logistic costs and CO2 emissions.

Bag-in-Box occupies a limited amount of space when stored thanks to its rectangular shape. For example, one truck transporting 5 litre bags and boxes is equivalent to more than 7 trucks transporting 75cL bottles.

Sustainability | Bag-in-Box-Packaging | Smurfit Kappa


It’s a commonly held misconception that all wine in a bag or in a bag in box is of an inferior quality.  Informed undoubtedly by Aussie Goon bags and Stowells of Chelsea in the local boozer, 1980 something.

Thankfully technology has moved on, bags are now mercifully efficient in keeping wine in condition and the commonly used VITOP ® taps critically no longer allow any air ingress once opened.

Bag in box wines are certainly no longer reserved for vin de table or entry level plonk. Appellation level / AOC / ‘fairly serious’ wines are readily available in #BAGNUMS and BIB (bag in box).  Du Grappin and their iconic Bagnums were perhaps the first to challenge the status quo with acclaimed, low intervention, small production, AOC level wines presented as a-magnum-in-a-bag.  The Bag in Box Wine company offer ‘fine wines’ in 2.25 litre bag in box to club members, challenging misconceptions on quality and price point available in this format.

The Canned Wine Co have enabled customers to consume premium wines from can at Wimbledon, The National Gallery, Harrods and many more.


In many European countries there is no stigma at all to drinking wine from BIB.  It is a perfectly normal and accepted thing to buy en-BIB or to refill at your local winery or co-operative.

Wine: increase in purchases and bag-in-box [Market Research] (intotheminds.com) BIB wines sales account for nearly a half of all wines sales from French supermarkets.

In Scandinavia, consumption of bag in box wines and the general acceptance of alternative packaging is exceptionally high; more than half of wine consumed in Sweden is from bag in box. While the UK is some way off that, the market is growing, helped by the impressive selection of premium bag in box wines that can now be found. – Natalie Earl, Decanter, Jan 23

Bag in box wine, pouch wine, canned wine are all rapidly increasing in market share in the UK.  Get in touch to see how we can help…..