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About More Wine

More Wine was created by Rich Hamblin, a Vintners Cup winning wine buyer and sommelier. Rich’s real passion is the supply of low intervention, high quality wine from small vineyards with an unerring focus on sustainability, eco-friendly packaging and transport logistics. If you’re not looking to age the wine you don’t need to import the glass bottle! More Wine sells wine in eco-friendly formats, we stock a range of Bag in Box sizes, wines in pouches and in our humble opinion the best can of sparkling wine in the UK, Quello!


More Wine is a bag in box, pouch and can wine specialist.


It’s a commonly held misconception that all wine in a bag or in a bag in box is of an inferior quality.  Informed undoubtedly by Aussie Goon bags and Stowells of Chelsea in the local, late 80s.

Thankfully technology has moved on, bags are now mercifully efficient in keeping wine in condition and the commonly used VITOP ® taps critically no longer allow any air ingress once opened.

Bag in box wines are certainly no longer reserved for vin de table or entry level plonk. Appellation level / AOC / ‘fairly serious’ wines are readily available in #BAGNUMS and BIB (bag in box).  Du Grappin Bagnums, a magnum in a bag, have achieved a cult-like status in certain London postcodes. Vins de Soif for the joy of imbibing and perfect for supper at a mate’s house.  BIB wine even has its very own awards (https://best-wine-in-box.com/fr/bienvenue/), a little like the Oscars.  The Cotes du Rhone Rouge in a 5 litre BIB from Cellier des Chartreux scooped GOLD this year for the self-acclaimed BIB wine specialists.


Glass is great, readily recyclable and admittedly the perfect vessel for ageing wine.  However, there are a number of downsides: heavy for transport; high energy levels to form; high energy levels to recycle; inflexible and fragile.  A standard 750ml serve simply no longer suits all or every occasion.   Large amounts of glass bottles end up as single use, as high as 31% according to WRAP stats published in August 2019.  Being as we drink nearly about a billion bottles of wine a year in the UK, that is several MILLION glass bottles and jars locked in landfill once consumed.

All of our bag in box and pouch packaging arrives flat packed to the winery.  The weight of our import is reduced by over 25% by not using glass, plus there is a further 25% efficiency in pallet stacking by taking away fragile glass.  These factors reduce our carbon footprint by around 80% compared to the same journey for the wine in glass bottle compared to BIB or pouch.

Still don’t believe us? The Norwegian and Swedish governments commissioned a report into the most efficient way to transport wine, BIB wine won. Recent research by market leader in the packaging industry Smurfitt Kappa suggests the ‘potential environmental impact CO2 equivalent per litre’  as follows BIB 75g, Pouch 96g, Traditional glass bottle 675g or nearly 10 times as much!!

3. Wine SNOB

Indeed!  More Wine is most definitely a Wine SNOB, we prefer our wines to be Sustainable, Natural, Organic and / or Biodynmaic.

In Europe there is no stigma at all to drinking wine from BIB.  It is a perfectly normal and accepted thing to buy en-BIB or to refill at your local winery or co-operative.  Sales in BIB in France account for nearly 1/3 of all wine sales and a whopping 50% in Sweden and Norway.

Perhaps we simply need to get over ourselves in the UK and engage with wine in the same way we’ve embraced changes for the better in our beer, coffee and street food cultures.


Once opened wine in bag in box will stay fresh for up to 30 days, meaning there is no rush to finish the bottle and no product waste.  Have a glass one night, have another a few nights later and there will be no discernible difference in freshness. Genius.

No corkscrew required, no clanking bottles in the car, no glass on site.

Finished your BIB or pouch?  Flat pack the cardboard and put out with your regular recycling. Send back any plastic elements to More Wine to ensure nothing ends up in landfill.  We work with TerraCycle to rework all of our plastic packaging.


Last but very definitely not least!  Our fizzy wine offering.

Quello is a naturally fermented, gently sparkling white wine produced by blending Italy’s Trebbiano and Pagadebit grapes. Quello comes in a slim, recyclable single-serve 200ml cans. It is crisp, zesty and refreshing, and is canned without compromising on quality or taste.

No fuss. No waste.  Featuring a free Unicorn on EVERY CAN!