Wine Car Boot – Full Case – pouch, bagnum, BIB, bag in box, can

BIB WINE and more. 13 x 750ml

A crowded market full of wine ain’t happening so instead we’re bringing a little bit of Wine Car Boot magic to you. More Wine is a BIB (bag in box) wine specialist, we don’t import anything in glass for reasons of sustainability. Our latest WINE CAR BOOT box, has BIBs, POUCHES and CANS of wine. Our box includes NATURAL wines, ORGANIC wines, LOW SULPHITE wines and covers fizz, white, orange and red. WINE CAR BOOT FULL CASE, contains over 13 x 750ml serves. Includes free delivery to most of the UK.

What’s in the case?

QUELLO – 4 x 200ml cans / Sparkling White Wine
VinNaturo – 1 x 1.5ltr Pouch / ORANGE / No added sulphite, #10 Airen / Macabeo NATURAL

VinNaturo –  1 x 1.5ltr Pouch / White/ Tank #7, Les Tetes Chenin Blanc  – NATURAL, ORGANIC
P-U-R – 1 x 3ltr BIB / Red / BoJoNuVo / Very first of the 2020 harvest – NATURAL
FILAS TINTO – 1 x 3ltr BIB / Red / Lisbon, Portugal – NATURAL, BIODYNAMIC, ORGANIC


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