A Pair of Schofes – pair 2.25ltr bag in box wines

What’s in the case?

A pair of Schofes!
Schofe White – 1 x 2.25ltr Bag in Box / White Wine / Italy
Schofe Red – 1 x 2.25ltr Bag in Box / Red Wine / Italy

Yes, that Philip Schofield.  A (very) well known wine aficionado and environmentally aware consumer who has developed a range of fantastic value wines in eco-friendly packaging.  Featuring great quality, artisan wines from independent Italian vineyards.

‘One ambition when creating my wines was to help challenge the perceptions of boxed wine, showing that they’re excellent quality as well as being eco-friendly.‘ – Philip Schofield 2020

We are delighted to list these wines made in partnership with the pioneering crew at When in Rome Wines.


The white is a lip smacking Falanghina, the house wine of Naples.  It took a highly regarded bronze at the 2020 International Wine & Spirit competition.  Fruity, refreshing, green apples and acacia blossom.

Clean and refreshing…’ – Victoria Moore, Telegraph JUN 20

The red is an ORGANIC Nero di Troia, from Puglia in the heel of Italy.  Dry, packed with vibrant full fruits and hints of star anise & violet.


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