Keeping it Trad-ish-ional

13th December


Somerset Market season is just about complete. Each and every one was suitably adorned with at least one mauve rinse; a chat or two about a relative who makes their own vino and of course plenty of ‘well I take my wine in a bottle actually’. Pass the Quality Street now please!

BUT overall so much joy + cheer and big thanks to all who have chatted, tasted, purchased a Bagnum or two of natural wine for someone lucky in their life or grabbed a cup of our Mulled Over vino. As a thank you and seasonal gesture we are donating 10p for every Mulled Over wine sold at the recent A Little Night Market + Frome Independent events to Fair Frome. Food bank – Fair Frome – a fabulous local charity doing amazing work.

To keep spirits high here we’ve put together a number of Party Cases, one or more of which will hopefully take your fancy. If you want to set your pulse racing leave it a few days and run the gauntlet of the frazzled pre-Christmas courier. If you want to be seasonally zen then you should be like your mother-in-law, mine literally had this all wrapped up by the end of September. If by the off chance you’re not completely sorted we recommend placing orders no later than Wednesday 20th December.


Blanc de Blanc fizz – you need fizz; Muscadet – for the oysters; Sourire – lunchtimes / boxing day; Bordeaux – for the main event. Job done.


Get your Bagnums in – every host prefers a magnum of wine….
Quick to chill, easy to transport, don’t even need a waiter’s friend! All natural wines, featuring:

Blanc; a bit of Skin Contact; a drop of BoJo; Rouge; Sangiovese AND a Rosso.

Lots more to choose from, including a very wise TRIO bearing gifts of Roussanne, Syrah + Barbera.

Mixed Cases Archives – More Wine

INNIT. It’s not the pie-n-mash but the love of all things seafood which reveals the Essex within me. The craving for oysters on or around Christmas Eve is real and
this year we have a great new partner. Cheeky Blanc de Blanc and half a dozen Colchester Natives anyone?

2022 Sparkling Chardonnay, Italy Can of White wine

Have a good one, thank you + all best wishes for 2024 x

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