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Thankfully the kids are still of an age where everything is still an adventure. This means we can go camping in wildest Wales and everyone remains happy. The beach is just the right distance for a 7-year-old to cycle too; there is a well-stocked kiosk half way back up the slope; the surf is gentle and there are spider crabs to spot in the crystal-clear water. Idyllic. Well yes, but I can assure you that the rose-tinted specs’ are definitely on!

There were the consecutive days last year where it simply made sense to clamber into the wetsuits BEFORE exiting the tent, such was the relentless nature of the rainfall. That combined with the joys of a VERY basic campsite, a randy dog with the hots for the farmer’s own 4-legged friend and a camping kitchen which took 48 hours to construct meant I was relieved that I had not forgotten the camping (wine) essentials. Pouch wine, bag in box wine, a few cans of Quello plus a couple of pairs of Govinos.

I simply love drinking wine out of Govinos. They are ergonomically a delight with a flat bum and a handy little thumb notch. They remind me of busy, happy wine times – Wine Car Boot; markets a plenty and visits to More Wine stockists to check all our bag in box wine is in order. The Govinos look as crystal clear as glass, they allow one to properly appreciate the colour of the wine and most importantly allow you to capture the aroma of your tipple correctly. Those essential fruit flavours, the primary aromatic characteristics of a wine are all captured in the olfactory bulb (ie your hooter), whilst your mouth will confirm the structure of the wine; it’s acidity, body, whether it has tannins and the level of sweetness, etc. One’s nose is much better served by a vessel which gathers the aromas in at the top rim of the glass as a Govino does so perfectly. Straight edged or even outward pointing glassware, no matter how much that cut crystal set you back is not really of much use at all. Govinos are perfectly suited for use in the garden, at festivals, having a picnic, on the beach, when camping or simply whenever the little ones are around.

Govinos were developed in the USA for trade professionals to show their wines properly wherever and whenever. Govinos are elegant, practical, shatter-proof and odourless . They are made from BPA free polymers and no there isn’t something wrong with your glass madam that thumb notch is meant to be there!!

On our last outing to Wales I found they were perfectly paired with a pouch of the fabulous Du Grappin Blanc. A Macon Villages which is a real treat and just perfect with some spanking fresh fish lightly fried in butter. The better half has a penchant for a chilled Quello or two, particularly after a hard day on the beach. You can slurp from the can, but you’ll appreciate the fine bubbles and refreshing wine far better if poured into your own Govino.

ps: To complete your Enid Blyton vision of bucolic Welsh summer happiness it is perfectly acceptable to pour lashings of ginger beer into one too! Anything for a moment’s peace……..

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