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Bag in box wine has received plenty of critical acclaim this summer. Headline articles in The Times, Decanter and even a mention by the BBC! Heady times indeed. If you missed any of these, then do take a peak at our Articles section.

More Wine’s bag in box, pouch and can formats have proven themselves to be just perfect for the discerning wine drinker and event bar organizer this festival season. Lower transport costs, less storage space, less waste and of course glass free. More Wine featured at all of the following events this summer in some shape or form; www.lovesavestheday.org; www.bestival.net; www.southportweekender.co.uk; www.festivalnumber6.com; www.herefordindiefood.com; Party on the Downs and not forgetting our very own, though not quite so big (yet), Upton Noble Festival – www.unfestival.co.uk!

The very clever bar team at Peppermint Events used More Wine as part of their Click and Collect range at a number of recent Summer events. Pure genius, allowing the festival goer to choose their wine at leisure in advance and collect chilled each day ready to drink. Perfect!

More Wine not only prevents 1000s of glass bottles from being imported to the UK each and every month, but we also advocate the use of refillable and reuseable glass costolata bottles manufactured in the UK. A glass bottle still looks good on the kitchen table, remains perfect for taking to friends or for simply collecting a refill from your More Wine stockist. Rinse yours out with hot water, bake to sterilize should you wish and then its ready to reuse by refilling and thus preventing the need to recycle.

More Wine was delighted to be the exclusive wine supplier at www.shambalafestival.org and www.aespia.com festivals, with the former taking advantage of our recently introduced inner bag return incentive. The Save your Inner ensures that no part of the wine box goes to landfill. There are of course the already established benefits of lower transport and packaging costs due to the drastically decreased packaging weight transported on every single More Wine sale. The Save your Inner gives individuals and businesses the option to return the inner pouch of Bag in Box wines (or the drained pouch itself) to More Wine to claim credit against future purchases. The cardboard outer of Bag in Box wines is easy to recycle, the complex plastic of the inner pouch is not so easy, thus the introduction of the Save your Inner. More Wine is working with www.terracycle.co.uk to form a partnership so that we can Save our Inner (Selves) together! For full details check out the website…!

More Wine is also delighted to announce it is a finalist in the inaugural Crumbs Awards – https://awards.crumbsmag.com/2017-finalists/! We are delighted to have got this far and eagerly await the awards ceremony on the evening of Sunday 1st October. Fingers crossed!

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