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‘Beer before wine and you’ll be fine, wine after beer….oh dear!’ Or something like that. Negroni is still the go-to cocktail of choice, but such nights are now fewer and ever further between than ever. As for the gin explosion it’s not something which has captured my imagination. I’m in for the wine don’t get me wrong, but who hasn’t been swept up in the renaissance of brewing of beer in the UK. The intensity of flavour, the vibrancy of colour, the artwork on the can, the simple taps out of the back wall and the chalkboard lists. What’s not to like? I’m definitely not pining for the days of an out of condition pint of IPA in a country pub nor a warm can of Skol.

Craft beer, or maybe it should now just revert to beer again, is a fearsome competitor in the drinks category. Beer pairings with an entire food menu. Really. When did that become a thing? Encroaching on a space historically the preserve of wines only. The huge and constantly replenished variety of choice on tap, in can and bottle. Beer pong! No longer is an ale to wet the appetite or to cleanse the palate after a hard day tasting wines.

More Wine has been a special guest at Craft Beer Rising for a number of years. The foremost Craft Beer festival early on understanding that in a room full of hopheads there remains a number dragged along for the ride, committed to drinking something else. More Wine – a grape, a mere drop of vino in a sea of hops.

More Wine works with many fabulous beer orientated sites. Palmer Street Bottle is a great local operator and has just celebrated their second birthday. Beer on tap, wine on tap, Quello in a can. Burritos, cheeses a plenty, Little Jack Horner’s sausage rolls and now inviting in really excellent pop-up operators such as @secretizakaya. Organic large format bag in box wine by the glass.

Opening at just about the same time @brewed_boy has branched out to a second bottle shop and tap room in Bath, plus its very own brewery @ImaginaryFriendsBrewing. This really is all about the beer, not much in the way of food. Small spaces with in your face artwork and great atmosphere. Here we show our own range of direct import wines in 5 litre bag in box, plus Quello for a sparkling option.

Beer No Evil is another great beer focused operator. All about the beer, but not when you need to offer a diverse range of drinks to keep all your punters happy and on site! The compact site rotates our small BIB offers, having featured both and from When in Rome.

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