Who knew? Not me. Even now I scoff in disbelief that the writer has been so slack as to not spell check and proof-read their work. ‘Dilemma’. Duh, everyone knows it is correctly spelt ‘dilemna’. Isn’t it? ISN’T IT?

Go check it. Dilemna – erased from history, dictionaries rewritten, documents updated. Clearly there are some more pressing issues at hand, but this is the conspiracy that NO ONE is talking about. Not yet anyhow.

Our particular dilemna (I cannot bring myself to go double mm) is that with one and all enquiring as to whether importing wine from Europe is now going to cost the earth (or indeed if it is viable at all), can we offer some of our wines at a better price than in 2020? I think so, at least for now, until the full horror-show of our new export / import arrangements unravel.

So go on fill your boots. Have a glass. Watch the Six Nations. Congratulate yourself on your January long abstinence; another day of home-schooling chalked off; another vaccine in the arm of a loved one.

VinNaturo, natural and organic wines in 1.5 litre pouch have had a 2021 price revision.

Our first import post actual Brexit is on the way, but what does it all mean for the price of your BIB wine? Well there are definitely more costs, more hurdles, more acronyms to get your head around. The paperwork has to be done by someone, thankfully we have some ace shippers on side, though they obviously need to be paid for their time.

The costs are per consignment so working against smaller importers shipping natural wines from smaller producers.

For now though with the UK hospitality scene stalled and stocks already landed, there are some fantastic value bag in box wines to choose from. Best BIB wine range, best BIB wine prices…..we hope so!

Single varietal Vin de France wines sourced from the Loire region vinified by Denis Bardon, a herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc or a soft fruit, light, low ABV Pinot Noir on offer until 21.2.21

Or bring some sunshine to your glass, DOC Sicilia, Grillo 2019. All bright peachy fruit and lemon oil.
(picture of Grillo) new addition to our bag in box wine range.

More Wine – IGT Bianco Terre Siciliane, Italy – 5ltr Bag in Box White Wine

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