Seymour Arms

Seymour Arms

LCB or Laaaandan City Bond our warehouse and transport partner is located in Tilbury Docks.  Far enough out of the metropolis centre to have a humble RM postcode.  Essex really, proper Estuary Essex.  None of that ‘oh we’re quite near the Suffolk border’ or ‘it’s Constable country don’t you know’ which many an Old Colcestrian has talked of.  You know who you are.

We live and operate More Wine from a quiet unassuming part of rural Somerset.  Where dairy farms still go about their business tucked into folds of the land and where generations of skilled builders can tell you which of the local houses they or their forebears have worked on.  Most so it turns out. Just far enough from the maddening art, design and ex-Chancellor sets of Bruton.  Just near enough to the artisanal, hipster, craft crew of the belligerently independent Frome.  Depending on which supplement you’re reading this weekend one of them has just been voted the most desirable place in the entire world to relocate to.

Monday 12th April and with our very own Wren in tow it was off to the packed garden of The Seymour Arms.  Our humble mid-18th century workers’ cottage is down a small private lane, The Yard, so we tend to take our deliveries from London City Bond very early morning in the small car park by the cricket pitch.  ‘Perhaps one or two of the happy imbibers would need to sleep it off in said car park’ I mused, a situation I remember one of the LCB drivers had seen before.  ‘Nah’ said the Potholer drinker looking around, this lot are ALL from the village.  Why leave the village indeed?  There remains the Witham Friendly Society, a walk of the parish boundary on the Sixth Sunday after Easter, Sustainable Witham, tree planting and perhaps most importantly a lovingly tended cricket pitch with a newly built pump track for the kids nestled in the corner.  All work carried out by villagers with aggregate and stone donated by local merchant Batemans.

Our sales strategy this quarter is entirely focused on getting a listing at The Seymour.  It is the sort of place where the drinks list doesn’t change much, not even from generation to generation. Where cash used to be the only currency pre-corona times. There is one well-kept ale; a medium or a dry cider (take it half half); Whites Lemonade for the little ones and Scampi Fries for all. Will keep you posted as to how we get on.

For now here is an update on our Rose game for Spring 2021:

Pouch wine from Du Grappin, with their Bagnums of pale rose, from juicy, fruity Cinsault grapes, back in stock. A magnum in a bag and as ever the bag for the season.

Our own Harlequin Cubi 3 litre BIB of AOC Beaujolais Rose, Gamay juice.

BIB, bag in box wine from Christophe Coste, Domaine de la Charitie, near Saze.  This sold out super quick last year.  Pale, dry, organic rose in a 5 litre box.

Party BIB wine from our bag in box specialist partner Cellier des Chartreux, Pujuat, Southern Rhone.  Our current listing is Cuvee des Chartreux with a little Syrah in the blend for added depth of colour and body.  10 litre size only enough for a few of you in the garden.

All being well in the coming summer months there may be a call for a get together or two in the garden, park, forest, beach.  Delayed wedding, birthday, any-reason-will-do parties.  For a while now we have had a range of our larger format bag in box wines at reduced prices available on-line with hospitality in hibernation.  As our beloved restaurant, pub and bar partners open up our on-line availability is likely to change.  If you are after securing some stock at party prices please do get in touch……

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