Spring 2020

More Wine Articles - Spring 2020

It has been a rollercoaster few weeks, many thanks for all of your support and orders. We hope you plus loved ones are keeping well and that More Wine has given you some solace, support, comfort and a clear head for the next day of WFH or homeschooling.

Who knew that larger format BIB wines could be so popular? Thanks to your thirst we have shifted several pallets of 10 litre BIB wine previously destined for our lovely restaurant, bar and event partners. Shame it has taken a global pandemic for the UK wine market to wake up to the ease of use and quality of BIB wines.

Our Community and Family Love Boxes are still proving very popular. We have just landed more of our Organic Alicante White from Pinoso and have secured 3 fabulous Italian wines to add to our Community range. We hope that you have managed to share with key workers and those more in need when appropriate. Please do let us know how you’ve got on, we’d love to know.

There has been some fantastic work from our friends and partners in the hospitality world. Little Jack Horners (@littlejackhorners), The (Not Found) Shop From (@404bristol) and new kid on the block Cave (@cave.bristol) look particularly attractive, making the very best produce readily available to us all as end consumers

It’s not always logistically easy or even appropriate for More Wine to make liquid donations to key workers or those who are more in need. Instead we’ve teamed up with Fair Frome (www.fairfrome.org) and the Bristol Food Union (www.bristolfoodunion.org) to offer support as best we feel we can. These have included Quello cans as a thank you to volunteers for their tireless work as well as monetary donations.

So far we have donated £1 in stock or hard cash for every More Wine Community or More Wine Family Love Box sold. More Wine pledges to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve a local charity you’d like us to donate to then please do let us know!

Thank you for your orders and your continuing thirst for BIB wine.

Stay safe.

Rich x

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