Spring 22

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A magnolia in blossom is to me the true signifier that the a change in season is finally here.

The clocks have sprung, the wild garlic has been foraged but the magnificence of the magnolia’s white and pink tulip flowers against a pale blue Spring sky is the clincher. Our nearest at Mulberry House had it’s fine display somewhat curtailed by
a couple of brutal frosts in our own little hollow. At least the very lovely folks there are fond of our BIB wines. The single varietal Chardonnay from Cellier des Chartreux and Christophe Coste’s pale, dry Cotes du Rhone Rose ‘Trilogie’ are their firm favourites. Village rates naturally apply and WALKING the wine all of the 100m up The Yard is a very satisfying delivery.

Given the state of the world the very least we could do was to refresh our list, unearth some more natural beauties and try to find the most exciting wines out there in can, pouch and BIB. Annoyingly, our imports don’t move as quickly as in previous years so not everything is yet in our hands. However, I can confirm that we have a parcel of BIB wines from P-U-R as well as 2 litre pouches of some amazing natural Italian reds on their way. Thankfully we do have some CAN-Vi (CAN-Vi Mixed Case Wine Tin – Old Trepat, Garnatxa, Macabeu, Parellada (morewine.co.uk)) ready to go!

A spring clean has our Epicly Eco incentive with a new fab illustration (see above!) to highlight it playing a part in our Natural & Sustainable mission. It helps do a little bit more for the environment (as well as not shipping heavy glass unnecessarily) and can ensure no part of the More Wine packaging need go to landfill. Please do send us back your plastic inner.
Once your packaging waste is returned to us, it is put in our Zero Waste Box™ then shipped to TerraCycle® where it is sorted, turned into plastic granules and transformed into new products. TerraCycle is an innovative and pioneering recycling company with a goal to Eliminate the Idea of Waste®. Once returned we will also email you a voucher as a thank you. £10 for first piece of plastic returned, £1 for each subsequent. Double win.


Delighted to have these in stock. Three natural wines in 250ml recyclable cans. All fully ORGANIC, working biodynamic from Tarragona, Spain. Recently accepted and shown at RAW New York www.rawwine.com. The Blanco has wild fruit, flinty and smokey hints; the Tinto from Trepat and old vine Garnatxa is a lively light red, packed with cherries and spice. The Ancestral is unique, I think, in having a second fermentation in the can prompted by the addition of a little must to the Blanco wine; zippy, natural bubbles. All wines have spontaneous fermentation and no added sulphites.
Available now in 6s/12s or 24 as a whole case. Mixed cases available.


So glad to be back in the zone, Exchange Avenue, St Nicks Night Market, Bristol to be precise this Friday 8th April.

CAN-Vi natural wines in can; VinNaturo Orange in pouch; La Cox Biodynamic Bordeaux en BIB; Bagnums of Du Grappin Rose; Quello cans and more.
Originally booked this one in February 2020!!

SOOO much great street food + live music. Street closure only granted 3 or 4 times a year, so don’t miss out!

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