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To do a little bit more for the environment and to ensure no part of the More Wine packaging need go to landfill please do send us back your plastic inner.

By not importing our still wines in heavy glass bottles we save up to 80% on the carbon footprint of this movement of wine, compared to the same journey in regular glass. Please see stats from Alko, the Finnish state wine monopoly and full article here.

Beverage packing material has a significant climate impact | Alko

The carbon footprints of different types of wine packaging per litre of beverage:

  • Boxed wine 70 g CO2e/l
  • Cardboard carton 85 g CO2e/l
  • Wine pouch 96 g CO2e/l
  • Aluminium can 190 g CO2e/l
  • PET plastic bottle 245 g CO2e/l
  • Lightweight glass bottle (less than 420 grams) 525 g CO2e/l
  • Traditional glass bottle (about 540 grams) 675 g CO2e/l

Once your packaging waste is returned to us, it is put in our Zero Waste Box™ then shipped to
TerraCycle® where it is sorted, turned into plastic granules and transformed into new products.  TerraCycle is an innovative and pioneering recycling company with a goal to Eliminate the Idea of Waste®.  Once returned we will also email you a voucher as a thank you.  £10 for first piece of plastic returned, £1 for each subsequent. Double win.

Email and let us know how many plastic inners you are sending back to us. Pop them in the post to:
More Wine
32 The Yard
Witham Friary
BA11 5HF

And hey presto. We will pick them up, stop them going to landfill AND send you an eco-credit to your email address