You get what you pay for. £10 a night all in and the field is all yours to do with as you wish. The shower block consists of a single not especially spacious loo, admittedly connected to some sort of drain and a solitary outdoor tap. There is additionally a very large bottle of hand sanitizer. That is your lot! Not for the camping faint hearted and quite how those with very little ones managed who knows? Though loving the chutzpah of the young one who still considered conditioning her hair a necessity.

However, the view, the sunsets, the smell of woodsmoke, the proximity to the coast path and a couple of National Trust beaches meant this was £10 very well spent. We splashed out more on a crab sarnie for a top-notch lunch on this expansive beautiful North Cornish beach. Where exactly………answers on the postcard in your next order.

We drank CAN-VI Ancestral, suitably saline, fresh, slightly opaque, which fitted in very well and crashed through a CUBI of rose before the cool box gave up the ghost.

More Wine are here for all your camping and outdoor wine needs: cans, pouches and small BIBS. Most importantly not a glass to break in sight!

CAN-Vi Ancestral Sparkling Wine Tin – A blend of Macabeu and Parellada.

Orelie Rose, Les Vignerons Ardechois France – 3ltr Bag in Box Rose Wine.

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