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#Bagnums and yes, that hashtag is meant to be there. Super cool packaging, replete with an easy to carry top handle and a dispensing tap at the base. Essentially it’s the ‘must-have’ bag of this (and every) season. Wine simply does not have to come in a standard bottle any more and the days of only inferior wine appearing in such formats are thankfully long gone. There’s 1500ml of delicious wine in these little beauties, a magnum no less and they are perfect for all sorts of situations. They fit neatly into the fridge door; they don’t roll around the car and bash into one another; they chill quickly in an ice bath; they will serve at least 10 guests the same wine at a dinner party. They are also the perfect wine solution for any festival, with a make shift sling over one’s shoulder, your wine tap is always just to hand. Though if you don’t want to drain it all in one sitting then the wine will keep for at least a couple of weeks, as the bag collapses in on itself with an absolute minimum of oxygen ingress.

Packaging weight and associated costs are massively diminished (80% or thereabouts) by importing wine in a pouch or a similar Bag-in-Box format when compared to the standard European import of glass bottled wine. Required storage space for the bagnums is also diminished plus importantly less waste is generated by the end consumer. If there is no requirement or benefit to be had from bottle aging the wine, then why not simply dispense with that bottle in the first place?

So what about the juice? The micro-negociant (or even nano-negociant) team of Andrew and Emma Nielsen make truly fantastic artisan wines from small parcels of grapes by hand (with feet often used to get the whole thing started!) The wines come from traditional areas (Burgundy, Rhone, Beaujolais) and are made from well known grape varieties (Chardonnay, Syrah, Grenache and Gamay). Yet by picking late and by hand; by using a 90-year-old basket press; by using a minimum of SO2 and by limiting fining and filtration then wines exuding real life and personality can be produced. Du Grappin wines are most definitely worthy of their ‘vins du soif’ tag of being ‘delicious, fun and refreshing.’ The wines are as joyful, spirited yet as accessible and as down to earth as their makers.

The #Bagnum term has been coined by the Du Grappin wines, but perhaps inevitably given the green credentials there are now others on the market. VinNaturo has recently introduced two organic wines from the Loire in similar 1.5 litre pouches.

For retailers, hoteliers, campervanners, glampers, wine lovers and event organisers the Bagnum is the perfect premium serve. Great wine, looking fabulous in a hamper, a gift box, the mini bar, the posh picnic or simply standing apart from all those other bottles.

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