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Natural? Organic? Biodynamic? How do you take your wine these days? Many vineyards champion their green credentials as a key point of difference. Others are much more understated, safe in the knowledge that their wines speak volumes and already command a market share. Some simply won’t seek accreditation (where it exists), perhaps for reasons of costs, though more likely why champion that you can jump a metre when for decades you have been regularly jumping two? That being said vast numbers of us are duly concerned as to how our food and drinks have arrived at our table. All of More Wines are low intervention, made with due care and consideration for the grape, the wine itself and the environment. Clearly noted are the wines which are certified Bio dynamic, Organic and considered to be ‘natural’.

Most likely you have already had wine from a tap, though you might not even have realised. Wine on tap can come in a number of guises, from 20 litre kegs to 10 / 5 / 3 litre bag in boxes (BIBs) to 1.5 litre pouches or as the fabulous Le Grappin might prefer a ‘Bagnum’. Tap wine is already the next big thing in the States, London’s pioneers include the refill system from Borough Wines; the bottled on site wines from Vinoteca and Vagabond Wines.

Quite simply the costs of transport and packaging are greatly diminished if wine is distributed in keg or BIB. The ‘empty’ bottle weight is not carried, thus giving a carbon footprint saving of about 80%, plus then consider the lower packaging costs of 1 BIB against 13 bottles. More Wine is not trying to list the cheapest wine on the market, we are much more concerned with all of our wines being characterful, low-intervention (if not organic, biodynamic, natural) and excellent value.

So why drink wine from More Wine?

More Wine has put together one of the most comprehensive retail lists of low intervention bag in box wine, all available for next day delivery from our online shop. You can thus have your own wine on tap experience in the comfort of your own home, caravan, camper van or tent. Excellent value wine plus of course the end consumer will have far less waste to recycle. Order a pack of Govinos to drink from and you have the perfect glass free wine solution, thus making More Wine the perfect retailer for all your festival and party wine needs.

Take a look at our wine list for tasty low intervention wines available today. Order online and get next day delivery!

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