Bistro Lotte , Frome, Somerset

**2024 UPDATE**

More Wine still supplies the majority of the wine to the incredibly popular Bistro Lotte, Frome (6 years++..). An evolving list of 6 whites, 1 rose and 6 reds (all from BIB!) are all poured by the glass or in carafes of various sizes, 250ml / 500ml and 1 litre. All very convivial for guests to consume and share; quick and easy for the team to pour. This is very much an authentic bistro wine list as over 30% of wine in France is sold in bag in box format. Perhaps counter-intuitively there is a lack of snobbishness and pretence about this format of wine in France and indeed most of the rest of Europe.

Unlike keg wine there are no expensive install costs for this format. We can help with the supply of our More Wine dispensing boxes to give a great aesthetic and a simple blackboard front to chalk up the wine. All wines are then simply dispensed by gravity, whilst being protected from ambient heat sources such as coffee machines, glass-washers or just a busy service environment.

Prevention of waste being formed is of course preferable to expensive collections, pressure on storage space for the waste prior to collection and the energy intensive recycling of the glass itself. The More Wine estimate of glass bottles prevented annually from the need for recycling by Bistro Lotte (an 80 cover restaurant) is at least 8000 or well over 3 tonnes of glass so now (APRIL 24) around 18 tonnes of glass waste!

For an up to date list or to arrange a sampling please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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