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We’ve been doing BIB for 5 or so years now at Gurnards Head with More Wine. 98% of market very happy with it, they’re getting more bang for their buck and less bottles flying to waste.  Longevity not a problem, generally through even 10 litre boxes within a week.  A game-changer.’

Edmund Inkin – Eat Drink Sleep, Sept 22 – Twitter


More Wine ships 900 litres of wine per pallet from Plaimont Co-operative in Cotes de Gascogne.  This compares to a ‘standard’ pallet shipment of glass bottles of 100 cases, 600 bottles or only 450 litres of wine.

Our current estimate of glass waste saved per annum for the delightful 100 cover Bistro Lotte in Frome is in excess of two tonnes!

We work closely with a number of forward-thinking co-operatives in Spain, Italy and France to offer a fantastic range of sustainably packaged single varietal and blended BIB wines.

If you are after better value by-the-glass and house wines or wish to switch up your entire list to carafe only then just get in touch for our latest TRADE list.