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Trade Wine

More Wine has one of the most comprehensive lists of quality bag in box, pouch and can wine in the UK.  Bag in box sizes start from 2.25 litres, equivalent to 3 bottles up to 10 litres which is the same volume as 13.33 regular bottles.

The shelf life of the bag in box wine is at least 3-4 weeks and from experience the wines are often still tasting perfect having been open longer.

For bars, pubs, restaurants and licensed cafes the wine on tap system provides excellent value, zero wastage house and upsell wines by the glass or carafe.  More Wine prevents the unnecessary import of 1000s of heavy glass bottles each and every month, bottles which will not need to be recycled by your business.

For off trade sales, our refill system is proven to attract return custom plus cutting down on storage requirements and waste.  Importing wine in this format decreased the carbon footprint by up to 80% compared to the same wine in glass bottle.

All of our wines are low-intervention made with due care and consideration for the environment. Many are certified organic or biodynamic and considered to be ‘natural’ wines.

To stock More Wine or discuss prices/logistics please email Richard: