VinNaturo – Pair of Natural Wines

Latest Vintage, and all low, around 12.5% ABV

A pair of natural wine pouches. Low intervention, low sulphite, very easy drinking

VinNaturo #2 Trebbiano / Sauvignon, Cosimo Maria Masini, Tuscany White –

From a biodynamic Azienda Agricola in the hills of Tuscany.  All of the wines are macerated, fermented and aged in large concrete tanks, with nothing added or taken away, other than a low (20mg/l) dose of SO2 at filling.  Dry, light, citrus fruits, zesty.

VinNaturo #8 Les Tetes Rouge, Loire, Red – Bright berry fruit from predominantly Cabernet Franc. Some tannin and grip, though still very easy drinking. Only native yeasts used, unfiltered and with low added sulphites.

*Wines may be subject to change.


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