Tank #7,Tetes Blanche, Loire, VinNaturo, France

1.5ltr Pouch – VINNATURO

NV – ABV 12%

Round, rich with great minerality and a hint of smokiness, predominantly Chenin Blanc. Organic grapes grown just outside the AOCs, Bourgueil and Touraine. Crisp edged, energised, beautifully balance and very drinkable. Nothing added, nothing taken away, very low sulphites added.

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SATURDAY TELEGRAPH – Victoria Moore @how_to_drink – JUN 2020

Lovers of natural wine might like to take a look at VinNaturo Tank #7 Tete Blanche. All about the texture and the way it feels in the mouth, this is a rounded viscous white with a succulent feel made from chenin blanc with roussanne, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Made with natural yeast and low added sulphites.’


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