Natural & Sustainable FULL case

Latest Vintage, and all low, around 12.5% ABV

Sustainable and natural wine, in a can, in a pouch, in a bag in box!

Includes > 12 x 750ml serves.

8 x Quello Can

1 x Du Grappin BLANC, 1.5 litre BAGNUM, Macon Villages, natural, low added sulphites

1 x VinNaturo Airen Macabeo #10 ORANGE, 1.5 litre POUCH, natural wine, no added sulphites

1 x Du Grappin ROUGE, 1.5 litre BAGNUM Syrah Grenache, natural, low added sulphites

I x Filas Tinto, RED, 3 litre BAG IN BOX, Natural, Biodynamic, low added sulphites

*Wines may be subject to change and may differ from image shown.


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